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organization development
talent acquisition
talent management
  • Assess and align people practices, with business plans and objectives
  • Processes, systems, measurement, tools
  • Link HR and team deliverables using metrics and data
  • Align incentives and rewards to support desired work culture 
  • Organization effectiveness and restructuring
  • Tools, processes and methods to reliably source qualified candidates and enhance selection effectiveness and overall candidate experience
  • Comprehensive internship and on-campus recruiting programs
  • Cost-effective relocation policies and programs
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) evaluation and implementation
  • Internal promotion processes to assess and develop incumbents
  • Engaging onboarding and orientation processes and programs
  • Performance management tools and processes
  • Succession planning and retention
training & development
employee relations
compliance/expert witness
  • Best in class Harassment Prevention Training Program (Compliant with California AB 1825)
  • Customized programs to build management and leadership skills and effectiveness
  • 360° feedback debrief and action planning
  • Professional facilitation to enhance team and meeting effectiveness
  • Employee engagement and communications

  • Dispute resolution processes

  • Manage sensitive exits

  • Performance management

  • HR policy review, development and implementation

  • Audit, streamline and automate core HR processes

  • Report of findings, testimony for depositions and trials

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